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The Haunted Tunnel is a 2D Top-Down Survival Horror Game based on the story of the Haunted Subway tunnel located in Ohio.

The haunted subway was first constructed during the 1980s and it was going well for many years. But the railway services in Ohio tunnel was finally closed in 2006. Since then, the tunnel was abandoned. Moreover, the various tragic incidents occurred during the 1990s in the tunnel. It was reported that in 1992, a train accident occurred which resulted in 147 casualties. Among the casualties, 60 people died in that accident.
Since then, the various paranormal activities were reported especially during the night hours. Various kinds of disembodied voices, laughs, banging noises could be heard. People also reported seeing ghost trains without pilots, which appeared every night. As the days went by, less people used to visit the subway and the most of them were scared to go there. As a consequence, in 2006, the subway closed down and the railway operations were halted. Since then, the tunnel is abandoned and it has become a haunted attraction for the Paranormal Investigators and Enthusiasts.
One day, a Ghost Investigator visited The Haunted Tunnel in Ohio to find the proof of the paranormal. However, things did not go well as he came face to face with the Evil entities.

You play as the Ghost Investigator and your mission is to investigate the tunnel. Will you be able to successfully escape the tunnel unharmed?

Key Features:

-Explore the entire tunnel for the paranormal evidence!

-Experience the poltergeist activities, and illusions.

-Explore the control rooms, subway, and various other secret rooms!

-Collect items including keys, magical clock, skulls etc.

-Come face to face with the Evil entities, ghost trains and much more!

-Explore the spirit world and learn the history of the tunnel!

-Nearly half an hour of paranormal investigation!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

The Haunted Tunnel Windows.zip 18 MB
The Haunted Tunnel Linux.zip 28 MB


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Hiiii, I've played the steam version and made a video about it and wanted to share some feedback, hopefully it helps you :D

-The idea of the game is cool, and the story is interesting :D

-Visually the only thing I would change is that the flashing lights sometimes go too fast and end up being too many on screen.

-The gameplay mechanics are pretty interesting, I just would add check points, so when you die you don't need to go throgh the menu.

-I really liked the moment when the train comes behind you ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hi, Thanks for the video! I am glad you've enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback! It is really helpful for me. :D

You are welcome :D