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The Chills is a 2D Top-Down Survival Horror game based on the paranormal activities experienced by Jim, who lived in a room in one of the most Haunted hotels in America without knowing that the place has a dark history. In the 19th century, before the hotel was built, there was nothing but a burial ground of Native Americans. But in 2005, the Hotel was built on the same site and many rituals were performed by some Devil worshipers in the basement of the hotel. It had definitely opened a portal to the spirit world which could not be undone. Jim explored the Hotel to find out more evidence of the Paranormal. But when he discovered the presence of many evil entities he was desperately looking for a way to escape the Hotel.

Will Jim be able to escape the place unharmed? His life is in your hands now.


  • Explore the Haunted Hotel and Experience the Paranormal.
  • Lots of Dark Entities and Demons lurking in the shadows!
  • Nearly Half an hour duration of Paranormal Investigation!
  • Face your fears while you go through creepy Dungeons!

Note: This game is created by me, a solo indie game developer and I have worked on all the aspects of the game except for the music.

Warning: This game contains flashing lights.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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It's a fun, if simple little game - I found a few odd bugs here and there, and ther eare times where instructions seem to happen almost AFTER the danger has presented itself, but still, a quick little fun-spooky romp!

Thank you very much for giving this game a try! I hope you have enjoyed it and I have noted the issues you have mentioned. I will look into the issues and fix them as soon as possible. I have enjoyed the video. Thank you! :D