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Arata Haunted Asylum is a 2D Top Down Survival horror game based on the story of a haunted asylum located in Japan. You will investigate the asylum for the proof of the paranormal.

Arata Asylum was built way back in the 1960s in the rural area of Japan which used to treat thousands of mentally-ill patients. It was one of the oldest asylums of the country where the various tragic incidents occurred during its course. The hospital used to admit patients who were deemed either too sick or too dangerous to be a part of the society.

During the 1980s, it was said that one of the patients hit her own head with a hammer and died in the process. The incident occurred mainly due to the negligence of the asylum stuff. It had also come to light that the corrupt doctors of the asylum performed the various experiments on the mental patients secretly which resulted in the death of many patients. Later, the various other incidents occurred which lead to the closure of the asylum in 1993.

People who visited the asylum reported seeing dark shadows, apparitions of deceased patients, hearing laughing sounds, banging noises on the walls and so on. It is said that an Evil force is present in the basement area of the building and is highly active. The Paranormal enthusiast, Doi, decided to check out the haunted asylum by himself for the proof of the paranormal.

Key Features:
- Explore the entire asylum.

- Come face to face with the spirits of the patients, shadow people and the demons.

- Collect items like key, hammer, etc.

- Explore morgue and basement area.

- Nearly half an hour of paranormal investigation.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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