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Fear Half Factor is a shooter game and primarily a ghost game featuring the the afterlife and modern warfare. This game is based on the warfare between the human beings and the ghosts. As per the story, the game presents some incidents of the past including the present time.

Game Story:

In the year of 1950, there was an outburst of some ghostly shadows in minor parts of the world. Consequently, no one had taken any step to research with the appearance of suspicious shadow masses. But in the year of 2012, these shadow masses reappeared and started to cause troubles to the human lives. Many people have been found tempted and tormented by a group of such figures. Many people have considered them as lively ghosts. The soldiers of all the countries have started to take action against these ghosts. Many people tried to escape them but it was a futile effort. Even some of the soldiers who were supposed to dedicate themselves in protecting the human beings became the shadowy figures with distinct bloody faces. In other words, these ghosts started to convert the human beings into those looking almost like them. It has also been reported that the ghosts use some magical powers that human can never think of. In 2014, these unusual activities increased to a great extent which compelled the soldiers of the individual country to launch fighters, air crafts, tanks and even electric wires to stop these activities. There was a dire necessity of taking appropriate actions against them. Finally, human took all the steps to stop them and it was found to be a futile effort as the power of a human being had no match for that of a ghost. Serious alteration of weather has been observed since 2014 and this can affect human life and may lead to the extinction of lives in the world. The world may end up with the living dead.


  • 32 levels to play.
  • No Nag screen at the end of the game.
  • More number of enemies and additional features.
  • 6 Types of locations including snowy and river side areas.
  • Avoid Acid Holes
  • Gain more power ups as you proceed!
  • 2 Mission Types.
  • Game Manual Guide for helping you with difficulties.
  • All updates for free if an updated version is released.


1. Game Manual: Game manual has been provided with the game so that you can play the game without any difficulty.

Game File Details:


Size: 25.1MB

Platform: PC

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Game Version : 3.0

Genre: Shooter



Video Memory: at least 128MB of Memory.

NOTE: All future updates are FREE!

Game Trailer :

Enjoy the game!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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